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October 10, 2007

Miami University, Oxford, OH – Day One

We were at BEAUTIFUL and I mean BEAUTIFUL Miami University in Oxford OH today.. What a wonderful place, and enormous too..

Here’s a LINK to a sampling of some from the day’s shoot..

We will be spending Wednesday in Oxford as well, can’t wait.

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September 10, 2007

Week Two – Indianapolis

Just arrived in Indianapolis for a week of shooting… We are entering our second week of shooting this fall semester..

Adding a few blogs of note to the roll:


To see our entire online portfolio of admissions marketing viewbook photography goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography


July 23, 2007

Interactive Recruiting

Just stumbled upon a great blog by Karlyn called Interactive Recruitng

Karlyn is at the EDU Web Conference in Baltimore both blogging and presenting..

What a breath of fresh air Karlyn is… She offers some great insight on topics such as:

-Interactive Recruiting
-Effective Email Campaigns
-Use of the “traditional” viewbook..

You should definitely look at the site, there is some great material..

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July 19, 2007

New Website up and Running

FJ GAYLOR Photography is pleased to announce that our new website is finally up and running….. Please take a look and let us know what you think… All comments are welcome…

After going through roughly 200,000 images, we narrowed it down to under 200 images that portray what we do on campus for colleges and universities..



July 13, 2007

Kids want to see “Real Dorm Photos”

I periodically check my web traffic to see how people link to our blog… Ahhh the power of Google… There are some really interesting keyword combos to say the least… By far the largest set of keyword phrases to our website have centered around “dorm photos”, “real dorm shots”, “dorm rooms” and other similar keyword clusters centered around the word “dorm” followed by specific school name. I found it quite interesting that there were so many hits to “this site”.. It appears that kids really want to know where they are going to be living during their time at school.. What schools have done a good job at depicting “dorm life” on their site? Would love to hear from everyone..To see our entire online portfolio of admissions viewbook photography goto:

FJ GAYLOR Photography


July 11, 2007

Campus Tours This Summer

As thousands of prospective college students flock to our nation’s colleges and universities the Washington Timesran a piece in yesterday’s paper about the process profiling a few schools…According to TargetX A recent study indicated that 71% of incoming students ranked the campus visit as the most trusted source of information and yet colleges still don’t put much effort into making it an authentic, personalized experience.I have to agree with this study, but would love to get some insight from students on what they want in a college tour..Personally I think that there should be two tours, One with just students and One with just the parents.. After they head off in separate ways, compare the two experiences to see what the outcome was..We see a lot of these tours on a daily basis during the Fall and Spring semesters and what I have observed is that the parents ask all the questions and the students have little to say. This seems to be quite similar with Orientations and parents and students together.. The kids really don’t seem to act themselves..To see our entire online portfolio of admissions viewbook photography goto FJ GAYLOR Photographyqt9j7672.jpg

July 4, 2007

Is This the Beginning?

After announcing the closing of Antioch a few weeks ago and a frightening article about Eatern Oregon University’s enrollment struggles. Is this the beginning of a trend we are going to start seeing over the next decade and more? In my opinion there will be several LAC’s going belly up in the next decade or so.. What does everyone think out there.. Are your enrollment management groups starting to address this as a real concern, or are we all still riding the enrollment boom?

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