Higher-Ed Marketing Photography

March 17, 2008

Red River College – Winnipeg, Day One

Well, the spring semester busy season is off to a great start, minus the travel woes. After an extremely busy fall semester of travel with NO delays or travel mishaps, the Spring 2008 semester has started off a bit rocky. After getting detained in Canadian Immigration for a tense hour (Canadian Customs cam real close to sending us home) and a mechanical in Toronto we finally arrived in Winnipeg four and half hours before our first day of work at Red River College. So after a quick nap and shower, we arrived on campus for a wonderful day of shooting. One more day at Red River College and back home for a few days and then to Mississippi next week.

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“Fat Envelope Frenzy” – A MUST Read


Joie Jager-Hyman, a former Assistant Director of Admissions at Dartmouth and current Doctoral Candidate at Harvard, has released Fat Envelope Frenzyjust in time for the busy Admissions season. Jager-Hyman who also blogs at Crucial Minutia chronicled the lives of five High School students from different backgrounds with the same goal in mind: Admission into The Ivy League.

Jager-Hyman does a great job in telling these kids stories. I picked the book up Friday in anticipation of our Sunday flight to Winnipeg.. I started reading on the plane in Hartford and didn’t put it down until it was finished. I thoroughly enjoyed this easy read, and ended up wanting to know more about all these kids..

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