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January 29, 2008

If You’re Using Twitter

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If you are taking advantage of Twitter, Darryl over at BrandFlakes has a great post on Twittiquette

Take a look.


January 28, 2008

How do you Stack up to New Hampshire

That’s the question. New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper had an interesting article about the highest paid state employess.

The top sixty-two paid employees in the state come from the University of New Hampshire system..

The president of UNH pulled in $317,000, $200k more than the Governor of the State.

There’s a spreadsheet included in the article listing all University System employee salaries earning above $50,000… Feel free to take a look and see where you all stand in relation.

Here’s a definite disadvantage of working for the state, having your personal information open to the public…

One thing that I took from the article was the use of GOOGLE DOCS, kind of cool, not having to open a silly excel attachment, very well done on the Union Leader’s part…

January 25, 2008

Higher Ed Advertising on NPR?

Am I missing something here???

In the last few days I have heard at least three different schools’ ads on National Public Radio..

Is this where prospective students are? I can’t imagine they are.

It looks as though some NPR sales rep needed to make quota and gave away spots for pretty cheap..

What do you think?

I guess I could possibly understand if they were ads for adult learning, or maybe the development office but UNDERGRAD ADMISSIONS! Yikes.

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January 23, 2008

New Study Shows…………

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Breaking News: A New Study finds that teens think that social sites and entertainment on the internet are more exciting than news

Thanks to BrandFlakes for Breakfast for reporting this Breaking News..

You have to take a peak at BrandFlakes if you want a quick laugh.

The scary thing is people in high decision making positions actually spend lots of money to fund silly research like this..


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January 22, 2008

Website Re

After three weeks of culling through images we have finished updating our website with fresh images from the past semester.

PLease take a look and let us know what you think..


January 18, 2008

Are You Twittering?

The other day Brad over at SquaredPeg had a wonderful post about setting up Google Alerts to see what’s being said about things of interest to your school.

This is of course got me thinking, as his wonderful posts ALWAYS do.

Everyone’s heard of Twitter but are you using it as a tool for improvements?

David Terry has created a wonderful tool called Tweetscan a great search engine that combs through Twitter posts. I have been using this for a while now and find it wonderful to find things of particular interest to me.

I have several keywords that I monitor on a regular basis to see what’s going on inTwitterland and to find folks of similar interest.

One of my searches is the keyword “admissions” and the other day found a few back to back posts about admissions that got me thinking.

One was from a female student expressing her discontent for Penn State’s admissions packets. The other two were from a frustrated female student who was having no luck reaching an actual person in an Admissions office, and when she finally did get a live person it was not such a pleasant experience..

So what can everyone take from this??

Well as Brad stated in his post you can do two things:

1. Leave a message and hopefully help
2. Leave a message and look creepy, it’s a risk

Personally I’d take the risk and explore the pain and see if you can perhaps turn a negative into a positive.

Explore these options to see how you can improve upon your service.

Now granted Twitter has not penetrated the teen market as much as Facebook or others have but kids are definitely on it and is it a POWERFUL tool.

So if you’re not already Twittering, take a peek and see what you think.

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January 17, 2008

Just Some Early Morning Reading

The Corporatization of Higher Education

College Standards Stiffer For Women Good video if you can get through the :30 ad before the video starts

Even The Library of Congress is using FLICKR


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January 16, 2008

Which One Do You Like Better?

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Which one for the website? The one with the people in the background? or the one without people in the background?

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Ideas For Website

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As I mentioned in an earlier post we are updating our website with images from this past fall semester.. After going through what seemed like a billion images, we were able to NARROW it down to 629 for the website, obviously this is WAY WAY WAY too many images, talk about overkill.. Anyway we’ve decided to stay with same basic layout as our current site, due to there not being enough hours in a day.

Anyway we need to whittle down to under 200 images. Here’s the challenge getting the right balance of disciplines.

We have tagged all the images and these are the areas we came up with. Judging by the graph there are 15 “categories” and roughly half of the “chosen” are comprised of just three types: Outside Campus Life, Classrooms, and Inside Campus Life…

I’m looking for some input on this one from everyone involved in admissions recrutiment:

Are there any other disciplines that you think should be covered? What kind of weight should be given to each “discipline”?

Thanks so much for the help..

January 15, 2008

For Your Reading Pleasure

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There has been an awful lot of press relating to Admissions in the last couple of weeks, obviously related to the application season. So here are a few that I found.

The Boston Globe has had a few good posts in the last couple of weeks, they have become a pretty good place to find admissions related articles. The only thing is, although they are very good reads, they tend always seem to interview some pretty hard hitting schools, (Harvard, MIT, Tufts) not exactly your best sample if you want to get an overall picture of College Admissions, that’s my take anyway.

College hopefuls try the Creative approach – Boston Globe : What are some of your most creative “bribes” as you will?

Maryland Governor “promises” to freeze tuition at Maryland State Schools. We’ll see….

Midwest Applications Soar: According to the Chicago Sun Times applications are up everywhere in the Midwest, what a shock! Have these writers been living under a rock the last few years?? There was a good quote in there from Notre Dame’s Dan Saracino: “It’s nice to be up in applications, but you’re not sure how serious students are, It (common app.) makes it so easy to apply, they may just be fishing”


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