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September 28, 2007

Wrapping up a BUSY Month

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It’s amazing how time just flys when you are busy I can’t believe that September is all but over, what a month.. September has taken us to Oregon, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Michigan, and New York. We have had a great time along the way.

October is going to be even busier, starting Monday morning in Norfolk Virginia, Then to Asheville, NC and ending the week close to home at UCONN in Storrs, CT..

Yesterday was an interesting day for us.. We had an assignment at St. John’s University in Queens, NY, a day after the weapons fiasco that caused a lockdown on campus.. The mood was strange, the kids were GREAT.. We were questioned several times by other staff, as to why we were there and what we were doing..

Anyway here’s a sampling from yesterday:

St. John’s University

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September 26, 2007

Day Two – Houghton, Michugan

Another assignment completed…. We have spent the last two days at MTU in remothe Houghton, MI. We are traveling most of the day Wednesday and close to home on Thursday.. We will be taking a nice two hour drive to Queens New York for a day of shooting at St. John’s University.

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September 21, 2007

Nice Piece on Variable Data Printing

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DM news has a nice article about some schools that are taking full advantage of Variable Data Printing.. Worth a read.

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September 19, 2007

Long Day in Chicago

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Here’s a sampling from our shoot at Dominican University in the Chicago Suburbs of River Forest.. What a day, got to the airport at 4:30 am flew to Chicago, grabbed a cab to Dominican, Shot for 10 hours, hopped in another cab to O’Hare and caught a flight to Hartford.. In bed at 1:30 am est.. A day off of shooting today, and two one day shoots in DC and Boston on Thursday and Friday..

Here’s a link to the full size slide show


September 18, 2007

Crazy Day Tuesday

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Oh Boy, after a nice weekend w/o travel.. We are at it again.. It’s 11:00 pm eastern, and I need to be tired. We have to be at the airport in five hours for a flight to Chicago for a one day shoot.. This is going to be a quick hit and run. We arrive in Chicago at 7:15 am, shoot all day in Chicagoland and catch a flight home at 9:00 pm.. This is going to be a Loooonnng day, hope the airlines are on time in the morning…

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Admish is Now in Beta, Check it out

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A new social network has sprouted specifically dealing with the college admissions process.

Take a look at Admish

We believe that each student—like each college—is unique: a single school might be a great fit for one student but not so great a fit for another student. Admish acts as a hub for the college admissions process, a place where students, guidance counselors, parents, college admissions officers, and college faculty can find and share information, where both sides of the admissions process come together, where colleges find the right students and students find the right colleges.

Three words sum up Admish’s mission:

Education: Admish is for students, by students. Created by a group of undergraduates who have been through the admissions process, Admish aims to better equip students so that they can find the school that’s right for them. With its unique profile content and an easily searchable database of college information, Admish enables students first to find out who they are and then to find a school that is best suited to their own particular needs, interests, and values.

Community: Admish is a community of diligent students, dedicated educators, devoted parents and friends, all working together to ensure that students have the right information and the right support as they go through the admissions process. Now students and colleges can communicate with each other like never before.

Opportunity: By connecting students to a team of supporters and educators—including families, colleges, high school, and college access groups—Admish challenges students to become more than a test score, to discover their own individuality and to take hold of opportunities that are already waiting for them.

Simply put, now students have a greater opportunity to discover the school that’s right for them.

September 14, 2007

Goodbye Indy

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Our week in the great city of Indianapolis has come to an end. What a week, four great WEATHER days in a row, unheard of. We also had the pleasure of meeting with Brad of SquaredPeg. Brad is an up and coming talent in the higher-ed space.. He has some unbelieveable ideas and is really on the ball. when it comes to Higher-Ed Marketing.

Off to start processing about 15,000 images from the las week and a half..

Here’s some from IUPUI yesterday, had a couple hours on the plane to look through them.

If you’re wondering about the gumball machines, you’ll have to check out postfrom our last trip to IUPUI

September 13, 2007

Gotta Love GREAT WI-FI

We’ve been staying at a great hotel on campus at IUPUI the last four nights.. One of the greatest things about it is the FREE wi-fi for guests.. It is unbelieveable, there isn’t a place on campus where the signal goes below “full bars”.. Makes my life much easier on location.. I refuse to get a Blackberry, an IPhone?, well that’s a different story..

Anyway here is one from this morning of the IUPUI architecture.. Hope you enjoy.

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Completely Booked Until Third Week of November

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What a start to a crazy semester of travel.. In the last week and a half we have been to Oregon, Colorado and currently we are in Indianapolis, Indiana.. We will shoot all day tomorrow at IUPUI and head home for a few days and start all over again next week…

We booked our last four days of availability today.. This means we are completely booked until the third week of November, OUCH!!!

I have attached a map showing the states and countries we will be shooting in this semester…


September 12, 2007

Day Two – Marian College, Indianapolis

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Here are a few from Marian College in Indianapolis… After spending two days at Marian, a small Catholic college, it’s time to switch gears as we spend the next two days at IUPUI, a huge public university in Downtown Indianapolis.

To see our entire online portfolio of admissions viewbook photography goto: FJ GAYLOR Photography


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