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March 27, 2007

Ouch, Reality Sets In

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Well, the title doesn’t say much… I returned home this evening late from a shoot in the Berkshires.. My wife had her “Day Timer” (I didn’t know those still existed), she had asked me to fill in our schedule for the next month or so… I knew we were going to be busy, but actually WRITING it down and not just adding to ICAL or any other digital media really hit home… After filling out my wife happened to remind me that I will be getting on an airplane the next NINE Sundays to travel to different destinations for some major work.. So needless to say it was real nice to be home tonight, even if it’s just for a few hours.. Back on the road in the morning to the Berkshires and then down to the Baltimore area and back for a few days and then off again… Well here are a few from our shoot today… To see more of our admissions, viewbook work gotoFJ GAYLOR Photography_f2d5150.jpg_j2m5001.jpgqt9j4251.jpg


March 26, 2007

Which One Do You Like Better?

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Just a quick question for everyone out there… Below you will find two similar images from a dorm room at UCONN… Do you like the closer cropped one or the one that gives a better sense of size and space as well as the “unique” UCONN pennant letting everyone know it wasn’t purchased from any stock agency? Would either one of these make it into a viewbook? Would love to hear everyone’s feedback… To see our entire portfolio of Admissions Photography goto FJ GAYLOR Photography


March 25, 2007

Admissions Viewbook Photography

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Here are a couple images taken earlier in the week at QUEENS UNIVERSITY in Charlotte, NC. Let us know what you think._j2m0369.jpg_j2m0990.jpg_j2m1994.jpg

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